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It is astonishing what a little St. John’s Wort, a rainy day, and a brand spanking new coffeemaker can do to improve one’s mood. A little Black Moth Super Rainbow and Lulu Rouge doesn’t hurt, either.

I got this:

I don't think I'll caress it, but don't judge me if I do.

My old Krups finally bit the dust this weekend, when I tried to get the coffeepot out and the little spring that holds the coffeepot in and directs the coffee stream came unsprung like a overworked Slinky. Also, the coffee had been tasting old even when it was fresh. Once I started making coffee with this new creature, the coffee didn’t have to be nuked after adding milk– which means my poor Krups had been declining slowly and I hadn’t even noticed. It lived a nice long life– almost a decade. I think I got it about the same time I got L. or a little after.

This coffeepot has survived three major friendships, and at first I wasn’t sure what to do with its carcass. It’s kind of like dealing with a dead animal when you live in an apartment. I mean, what do you do with it? I can’t bury my Caffee Duomo in the backyard, that would just be weird. I can’t sell it at next weekend’s yard sale, because it’s broken and the heating element is shot. So, I’ve set it next to the garbage cans, but not exactly in a garbage can. Even thinking about it has made me a little maudlin, which is ridiculous, but there it is.

I am knee-deep in Chapter Six and am all excited about the trouble I’ve put my characters in, for once. I tend to avoid drama in real life, so putting my characters in jeopardy is always a toughie for me.

I made lavender honey cookies the other day and ate them all. Not good when you’re trying to lose five pounds.

I’m still waiting for my felt and roving to arrive. Yesterday, The Babyhead and I were out in the front yard– she was hunting down fallen leaves with her fairy contingent– and a UPS van (not a truck– did you know they had minivans, too?) rolled up. The guy was checking an address or something, because he waved at us, then drove on. What a tease. The Babyhead gave him a frown of colossal proportions. Even she knows I’m waiting for something.

And here is what I’ve been listening to.


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