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a different kind of string theory

In a few days, my felt will arrive, and I can get going with this whole felting thing. Poor UPS dude. He’s going to get accosted.

I ordered felt from here because Felt-O-Rama only uses priority shipping (read: costs an arm and a leg), and my fingers are crossed. The pictures and descriptions on American Craft and Felt are not as easy to see as Felt-O-Rama’s. It was quite a bit cheaper at AC&F, so here’s hoping!

I think it is pretty crazy that in a town as large as Fresno (really, we aren’t a podunk town anymore, in terms of size, anyway) there isn’t a source for actual wool or wool blend felt. Just Eco-Felt for as far as the eye can see. Eco-Felt’s absolutely useless for felting, for obvious reasons. But in my internet travels, I’ve seen that felting’s kind of big in Japan (and Denmark, ha!)so maybe that will change. I didn’t know I could be so cutting edge.

I have given Facebook up for Lent, which is such a half-assed thing for me to do. Seriously. Isn’t it? When I feel like rationalizing my Facebook habit, I could say something about how it’s one of my only outlets for adult conversation, and I can keep in touch with people who have moved away from Fresno. But in reality, as far as I can creep away from rationalization, which probably isn’t too far away, how many conversations do I have? I mostly post funny things my daughter says. I’ve probably getting on some people’s nerves by doing so. In fact, I’m absolutely positive I have. So am I really missing out on adult conversation by giving up FB until Easter? Maybe a few, and the illusion of many. Perhaps my conversations will turn into writing, and I’ll get more of my book done.

Oh! Writing question! I distinctly remember this discussion in some workshop class, but I don’t remember what answer was. It was a decade ago, so give me a break. I have trouble remembering what band it was I was supposed to look up on iTunes half the time.

So, I am writing about Fresno (more specifically, about the Tower District) and I can’t figure out if I should use real place names or not. Some pretty outlandish things are going on, and there are some deaths (well, so far only one, but there will be more), and I won’t lie, but some characters have whole facets based on real people. Of course. Do I take the brave route and use place names, or play it safe and chicken-shitty and change everything slightly? As I’ve been writing, I’ve gone both routes and the more I flip flop, the more distracted I get by my predicament. L.’s advice is to just write it all and change it later, which is probably very good advice, but I haven’t been following it. I’d rather just make a decision and go with it. Aargh.

Well, that was a tangent for a knitting/sewing/felting blog, wasn’t it?

Mr. Pink is bored. He will eat you now.


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