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a different kind of string theory

At some point in her non-knitting career, my mom managed to buy 13 skeins of eyelash yarn in some really garish colors. The site I linked to is Lion Brand, and I like Lion Brand, but this is some other brand. I don’t think Lion makes this stuff in Burgundy and Lime. Eew! Most of it is burgundy/lime, but there are a few rainbow colors tossed in there, and a single skein of aquamarine and seafoam. Number one, what was she thinking with all this eyelash yarn? Number two, what was she thinking with the colors? And number three, she doesn’t knit. Like, at all.

So now I’ve got a load of it, because she is getting the springtime itch to clean around the house. I’m happy to have yarn, always, but this time? Um… thanks?

After much consideration, I’ve decided to knit her something with the least garish of the colors. She must like the stuff, since she bought so much of it, right? I hope so. If not, we will laugh and laugh about this and I will remind her that it was her yarn.

Today I went to Le Parisien ( I wonder why it isn’t Les Parisiennes, since I’ve only seen it staffed by French ladies) and had a gorgeous raspberry tart and a vibrant pink macaroon. Too bad I don’t have a cellphone camera, or you’d have a visual of them. La Boulangerie is still my all time favorite place, but I like the slow pace of Le Parisien. La Bou wins for coffee, though. I thought the French liked strong coffee. Am I wrong about this?

This is not the exact macaroon I ate.



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