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a different kind of string theory

Well, I’ve gone and done it. It really must be Spring (regardless of yesterday’s pseudoforecast of snow!) because I’ve devised a new project for myself.

I was enabled by Really Cute Fabric on this site. The fabric was on sale! What was I supposed to do, really, but buy it? I also got some zippers, because they have cute colors beyond the standard black, navy, white and beige. My town needs a boutique fabric store, because while I do enjoy being able to go into the supermarket of fabric stores (aka Jo-Ann’s Fabrics), it would be superawesome to be able to go into a brick and mortar store to buy Really Cute Fabric and Neat-O things.

Part of my new project involves the use of wool thread, or crewel yarn, and Jo-Ann’s only has cotton crewel (at least online– I should go back and check their embroidery section now that I know what the stuff is called). I’m going to have to use lace or fingering yarn, maybe, instead. Knitpicks has a boatload of colors to pick from, but if I want to get the actual product that I want, I’m going to have to order that, too. What a load. And finding wool felt that is not eco-felt? That has to be special ordered, too! And if you click on the felt link, you’ll see that their site is closed until March something or other. That’s good, actually, because I can use up some of my ecofelt while I’m waiting for them to reopen, and then for stuff to arrive.

Busy bee, that's me!

Also, look what I’m going to order to use as Made By Tags!

I’m excited, and a little nervous, because I am 85% sure that my skill level is not equal to the task I’ve set for myself. But what the hell, right? If I’m only going to have one class this semester, maybe I can set up a little cottage industry for myself. The shotgun approach, that’s what this is. I’m going back to school to get a (different) credential, jumping ship and subbing so that I won’t have to do two kinds of homework, am writing a pulpy paranormal mystery (or as pulpy as I am capable of churning out, anyway), and now this. One of these will stick. Something has to.


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