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a different kind of string theory

Every year, I look for three things. I search for the perfect boots, which I have never found. Well, theoretically, I have found them, but they were about $300 and so therefore, not actually perfect in every way. I also search for the perfect sweater dress, and I have never found that, either. Lastly, I search for the perfect cardigan– and sometimes I operate under the delusion that perhaps that perfect cardigan needs me to make it, and that’s why I can’t find it.

Here are a couple of contenders for the title of Perfect Cardigan That Needs Me To Make It:

This one is called the Victoria Cardigan, and I like it because it looks so retro– extremely retro!

If I do this one, though, I won’t make it bright turquoise– probably an olive green. Maybe with red trim or buttons? I could look like a humongous martini olive! Ha!

And then there is this, from Knit Picks. I would do it in tigerlily orange as the main color, with honey gold stripes, though. I’ve got a dog and a kid, plus I’m naturally messy. White would not hold up well, cute as it is!

I actually entered a contest to win the yarn for that one– but so did about 2000 other knitters, so… But at least I tried!

Then there is this thing, which I wouldn’t knit, but am tempted to buy.

Decisions, decisions!


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