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a different kind of string theory

After much soul searching and inner turmoil, I pre-ordered a Kindle. I feel a little smug about it, I have to admit, since Amazon’s sold out now. And then immediately after a flash of smugness, I feel guilty. Should I really be spending money on a toy? Isn’t that rather frivolous, when I have bills to pay and school clothes to buy? But then righteous indignation (okay, maybe not something as strong as that, though) kicks in to save the emotional day, and I remind myself that my husband buys boutique pedals for himself quite often, and amps, and he doesn’t spend too much time feeling guilty about it. So why should I?

That’s my thought process every time I see or read something Kindle-related, which is too often in recent days.

Oh, and of course, I am EXCITED.

And because I am a girlygirlgirl more than I would like to admit, I am already trying to accessorize my still-in-the-warehouse piece of techie gear. I’ve been scouring the interwebz, searching for the perfect case or cover to protect My Precious.

The nice ones are really expensive! About forty dollars! No, thank you! I am not going to pay $139 for the stupid thing and then accessorize it for another $40 or $50.

So, I am going to make a Kindle cozy.

Here is my plan. Step one, knit a rectangle (the dimensions of the cozy are 7.5″ x 4.8″ x 0.33″ and it is so thin, so very, very thin!), felt it, sew some non-scritchy material to one side of it, then sew up the sides. Last, I’ll get a really pretty button and attach it to one side, so it can fold over like an envelope.

Oh! So it shouldn’t be a rectangle, really, but a rectangle with a triangle on one end, for the flap.

I have a lone skein of Noru that will do this job very nicely, but also a lone skein of lime green Brown Sheep. Both are excellent felters. Hm. If I use the Noru, it would look superultrapretty with a mother of pearl button, or maybe wood. Okay, I’m going with it!


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