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a different kind of string theory

Last week, I threw a baby shower for a friend, and as a result I received an unexpected gift as a thank you! I was kind of embarrassed, actually, and didn’t know if I should open it at the party or not. It was so sweet of them to give me something, but the part of me that doesn’t like a spotlight shone upon me was secretly horrified to be thanked so tangibly. But that’s my foible. I should get over that, I’m sure.

They got me an adorable wallet, and this:

I’m still making a baby blanket, but after that, I think I’m going to try some fair isle from this book. It’s not cheesy fair isle, either.

There’s that blankety thing on the bottom row that I’d like to try, and also the shawl/stole on the top row, which looks rather easy.

Knitpicks here I come!


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