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a different kind of string theory

I admit it, I’ve been a little baby crazy lately. There are a few reasons. My sister-in-law has a ridiculously cute baby. I mean, other babies pale in comparison to her. Maybe I’m in love, and maybe I have kennel vision– but I doubt it! She’s just the kind of baby that makes you want to have a baby of your own, that’s all!

Also, some friends are about to have a baby. I love them, and I love their three (almost four!) year old son– so I’m really excited for Thing 2. Really excited doesn’t even cut it, really, as verbiage goes.

So why am I freaking out now that I’ve agreed to babysit my baby niece on Friday? I’ve totally forgotten what to do with a baby when you have to go to the bathroom. I haven’t changed a diaper in over three years! And she’s bottle fed, while my Babyhead was on the boob– so what happens if I mix the formula wrong, and she gets a fungus or the wrong concentration or something? I realize I’m being a little silly– but only a LITTLE silly. I’m only saying I realize I’m being silly because it sounds like something I should say. I’m not totally convinced this is silliness.

I’ll set her in the crib if I have to pee. I’m sure changing a diaper is like riding a bicycle, but stinkier. And I’ll have Emily show me how to mix the formula. Gosh, but breastfeeding was just the easiest. No cleanup, no prepwork. Can you imagine me cleaning a bazillion bottles with a bottlebrush? I can barely keep up with regular dishes, you know?

But, about knitting. I’m making my pregnant friend a baby blanket.

We went to Jo-Ann’s yesterday for shower supplies, and I had her pick out some yarn. I don’t *think* she knew she was picking out yarn for herself– but maybe she did. I am pretty bad at lying when I’m supposed  to lie. I’m great when it is a pointless lie– why is that?

Anyway, we chose some Jo-Ann brand yarn, and I normally shy away from those ginormous skeins (Big balls! Haha! Yes, I am 12.) because they are all acrylic, and they feel kind of… cheap? But they are absolutely perfect for baby blankets, because they are 1.) ginormous and you don’t need more than two, and 2.) they make washable blankets. Baby blankets get food, spitup, pee and poop on them, not to mention anything else that may be on a floor that you might spread the blanket out upon.

Between us, we chose a ball of celery green that fades to white and then back again to celery, and then a solid ball of a brighter celery.

I’m not using a pattern– even when I use a pattern, I don’t use a pattern!– but I’m adapting that blanket pattern I mentioned in my last post. Instead of smallish diamonds, the pieces are bigger, plus I’m starting as a triangle but ending it as a rectangle, so that the edges of the blanket will be straight.

I’ll post a picture when I get further along. So far, I’m almost done with one piece. I’m thinking five large diamond thingees, and then four small squares, then two triangles for the sides. This probably makes no sense to you. I’ll post pictures.

Oh! I also got thread so I can sew my curtains, and felt for baby booties for the shower. So fun! I’m going to use either this pattern, because they look super easy :
How cute are those? Or I might use these, because they look a bit more masculine with the laces:

This is such a hard decision!


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