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a different kind of string theory

Well, so much for my moratorium on blankets! It was a moratorium on posts, more like. Actually, there was a post– but while I was trying to add an image– blip!– no more post. Sadness. I was reallysuper irritated, because it was a kind of long and personal post, and isn’t it saved on this page ever few minutes or so? But I could not find hide nor hair of it. Gone. So now I will publish posts first, and then add images later– after publication, just in case.

I am knitting a blanket in pieces, using a kit from knitpicks. The pattern proved to be a little too brain-involved than I had expected it to be. The thing I like about blankets, you see, is that they go on forever and I can Zen-out and think about other things, or not even think about anything. My favorite things to think about while knitting are either plots for stories or mysteries, or romantic daydreams. I can’t do either of those things if I’m too busy thinking, “WTF is wrong with this F-ing line of stitches? F this F-ing K3tog crap!” Or something along those lines. But really it wasn’t the stitch combo that was difficult– there was just a lot of counting and picking up stitches, and I just wasn’t in the mood for that on a longterm basis.

So what I am doing instead is this. I saw it on that other PBS station, Create. You make a boatload of diamonds and hexagons. The photo is from their website– my colors are totally different, and so is the yarn texture.

The diamonds are just made by starting with a K3, then M1 and knit the rest. Keep going until you have 19 stitches, then immediately Dec1 each row until you have 3 again, then bind off. Make a bunch.

The hexagons are longish. Do the same thing you did for the diamonds– K3, M1, knit the rest– until you have 17 stitches, then knit garter for 17 rows, then decrease by one until you have three stitches, then bind off. Make a bunch.

After you have enough for the size of blanket you want, do a single crochet around all of them, a little border around each piece, then sew or single crochet them all together. They’ll look like a stained glass window– or they are supposed to, anyway. I haven’t finished all my diamonds and hexagons yet.

I’m using that knitpicks set– I’m kind of bummed I didn’t stick it out and try their pattern, but this will be pretty, too. The yarn is Suri Dream, in warm Craftsman colors, like Fedora, Mulberry, Mulled Wine, Natural, and Camel. I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out!


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