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a different kind of string theory

Spring is my favorite season– well, that and Fall– but it does pose a serious knitting threat. What do you knit when it gets warmer, you know? Do you knit larger projects that won’t be finished until it gets cooler again? Or do you knit things that aren’t warm– like toys or washcloths or something?

This Spring, I think I’ll force myself to try new things. Things that aren’t blankets or scarves!

So, on my agenda are these things:

1. Curtains. I have the fabric, but my sewing machine is in the garage. I haven’t sewn seriously since I was in middle school, but I was pretty decent at it then. I made doll clothes and tote bags, and an apron. The doll clothes were the most fun. Iso’s not into dolls, not in the least. But still, if I could manage tiny clothing, then surely I can manage to sew some straight lines and make some curtains.

2. Tote bags. While looking for curtain fabric, I got so many ideas for other projects. I’m more comfortable with hand sewing, but I think I can realy crank out a ton of cute market bags or tote bags. I want to experiment with shapes, fabrics, and handles. And maybe I can even work in some…

3. Embellishments. I’ve done a few embroidered felt pins– prototype pins– and I know what I need to do differently to be more efficient about production. I like the look of embroidered felt a lot. Also, I’m interested in learning how to knit flowers as embellishments. I’ve got this book on hold at Amazon, and maybe now is the time to spring for it?

4. Amigurumi. But it looks so freakin’ hard. I did see a pattern for a supersimple (looking) gnome, so maybe I’ll experiment with that first.

Well, looks like my Spring and Summer are booked up, doesn’t it?


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