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a different kind of string theory

My in-laws are consummate decorators. They think about this stuff For Fun, which is incomprehensible to me, like looking through bridal magazines or something. I’ve never understood that compulsion some girls have.

When we moved into our current house, I suddenly was interested, though, in the basics of decor. Picking out tile was so fun– who knew? And picking out paint was frustrating, but ultimately satisfying. My kitchen is a photo-green-gray, my living room light blue (though I was going for ozone, it turned out more of a powder blue…), my daughter’s room is two shades of pink, and my bedroom is a cross between lemongrass green and citron.

The trim in my bedroom was supposed to get painted white before we moved in, but for some reason it never happened. We were in quite a hurry to get out of our old place and into our new one! So, the trim remained an old almond cream. With lemongrass green– not so hot. It has bugged me for almost a year, but I am not decor-inclined, much to my chagrin, because I enjoy encountering it in other people’s homes, and am always rather jealous.

I’d been planning to repaint it myself once the weather warmed up– but then, while reclining on the bed and watching dusk play with the angled places where the ceiling becomes wall, I wondered if maybe there was a fabric that could tie the lemongrass and almond together. I could hem curtains much more easily than painting a ton of trim– which I’d never done before.

Today, I went with my two sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law to get this:

I need a real camera.

Three little birdies, sittin' in a tree...

The vibrancy of the colors isn’t really caught very well here with my laptop photobooth, but it’s better than nothing, because if I had to describe it, I’d just say there were birds and flowers and a lot of green, which could mean anything at all. It’s a heavyweight cotton– not quite canvas– and is exactly what I was looking for to go with the green add in the almond, and then add some poppy or turquoise accents– and it has all of those things! I’m so happy. I’m about to get to know my sewing machine intimately. I hope it’s like riding a bike.


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