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a different kind of string theory

I’m an Anthropologie addict. Yes, I’m totally broke, and no good can come of my  gazing longingly upon the cuteness on that site. The store is even worse, because it smells good. I rationalize going into the store by going to the sale room first. Actually, though, you can get some good deals in the sale room. I mean, which is better– paying $30 at Target for a plastic purse you don’t really like all that much, or $50 for a sale purse at Anthro that’s probably leather, or at least better made than the Target purse? I did that recently, but on a bit of a larger scale. See, I had this problem of going to Target for perfectly rational things like toilet paper and dish soap, and then coming home with a purse or some costume jewelry. Sure, the accessories were coming out of my personal account, and not the house account– but still, all those purchases add up, and most of them were unnecessary. So, I bought a purse at Anthro that I really wanted. And it wasn’t even on sale. I felt pretty guilty about it (though I looked and felt fabulous wearing it!) until I realized months later that I had not bought a purse or anything else for that matter at Target for ages. Or anywhere else. Spending more on that one purse that I adored satiated my longing for Stuff.

My first stepdad (I’ve had three) had a theory– that you should always get the best you can, so that you waste less time on inferior products. For example, he got a Mont Blanc so he didn’t have to get Bic after Bic after Bic, and he really enjoyed writing with a fountain pen. I do the same thing with lipsticks– I don’t waste my time anymore with Cover Girl, because the colors never look right on me and I end up spending $5 here and $10 there. I get Nars or MAC instead, and am usually totally happy with the purchase.

It’s not about the price– it’s about how much you are satisfied with the product. I get generic food all the time, when I can’t see a significant difference between the name brand and the generic brand.  I love expensive foundation, but in the heat of Fresno is that really practical? So I get Avon in the summer, and luckily I found a color that suits me just fine. Lots of times, I’m just as happy with Red Heart yarn as I am some fancy alpaca confection. Red Heart is more trustworthy! Once, I got some supersoft alpaca yarn, and this “nice” stuff only knit up a couple of stitches at a time, then totally wisped apart. It was like knitting with a lovely but useless cloud. Usefulness and enjoyment are equally important.

What the heck was I trying to go on about?

Oh, yes! Anthropologie. So, a year or so ago, they used muslin strips with randomly colored buttons sewn on as their ribbon. Jesus H. Christ, what a long tangent. I certainly won’t be posting this on Facebook! All this was supposed to be about those buttons. I’ve been saving them for something.

I crocheted this little scarflette with some pretty merino/acrylic yarn from Knitpicks.

There I am, trying to look like I’m casually putting my hair into a ponytail. Gosh, I hate taking pictures of myself!

Here’s another shot, so you can see the shell stitch:

I know a crocheted shell stitch with some mismatched buttons sewn on isn’t exactly earth shattering, but you know what? It is the perfect weight for heading off to my 7am class every weekday morning! It may be late April, but that early, it’s still a bit on the chilly side.

Also, it turns out my students like to see what in the world I’m going to wear around my neck every morning. This makes me feel a little like a middle school teacher, but I’m going to go with it. After all, you’ve already learned that I like to rationalize!


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