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a different kind of string theory

… but I’m still knitting them. Or crocheting them.

I went to a cousin’s wedding in Carmel this weekend, and of course brought along some stash yarn to knittle away the hours. I’m one of those lucky people who can read in the car– and so I tried to knit. But I got to a point where I realized, “Oh, crapola, I forgot to bring some double pointeds!”  I switched to crochet, which turned out to be more car friendly anyway. You need less elbow room to crochet.

I made this:

I used Stitch Nation’s Full o’ Wool  in Honeycomb and Little Lamb– but in my head I call the colors Egg Yolk and Marshmallow. Do you care about that? Probably not. I used a whole skein of Honeycomb and just a teensy bit of Little Lamb for the edges. It’s a straight rectangle of single crochet, with a two inch slot in the middle of one end, about two inches from the edge, to tuck the scarf through.

Knitting would make it look more refined, but the great thing about crochet is that you don’t need stitch holders or dpns or anything– you just knot off and keep going. Or pick up a loop from wherever. Next time I do this, I might knit the rectangle and do the whole stitch holder thing, just to give it a smoother look– then still do a crocheted fan or ruffle on the end.

I have to figure out what to do when it gets warmer. A large project, maybe, that won’t be done until it’s cooler again? Or should I try amigurumi?


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