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a different kind of string theory

Well, hello Spring Break!

I love being a teacher, and one of reasons why is that I get to have the same days off as my daughter. When I teach morning classes, I miss out on the sleepyhead waking up. I’m in class, teaching older sleepyheads, while my husband gets to wake up the Iso-head and get her ready for school. And does he appreciate the cuteness of her morning fanny, even if it’s wet? I’m not so sure he does. So, I lovelovelove being here when she’s waking up. I love seeing her first.

I also love Spring Break because it gives me time to read the news online, and knit for longer periods of time. When school’s in session, I’ll snag ten minutes here and there before I start to grade, to kind of calm down and get in a good frame of mind before I delve into papers.

This break, I’m knitting my sister-in-law a necker in a muted robin’s egg blue. My other sister-in-law looked a little put out by this, but she didn’t ask– the other one did. All she has to do is ask! While I was at the store, I also picked up a skein of this beautiful fuschia/magenta/purple– well, I’d add a link here, but online it doesn’t look nearly as brilliant. It’s like a glow in the dark, deep magenta.

As I was starting in on Fae’s project, I almost used two differently sized needles! Most of my needles are Clovers, because I like the feel of wood much more than metal. The sound of the metal needles clanking and scraping together sets my teeth on edge. The clack, clack, clack of the wooden needles are relaxing though, and that’s one of the main reasons why I knit in the first place.

The Harmony needles at Knitpicks are sweeeeet. They are rainbow colored (so I can’t mix them up with my Clovers) and slightly heavier than bamboo, but my #1’s splintered and catch on the yarn. I tried filing it, and they’re usable, but still catch. It made me realize that the way the Harmony needles must be made, to get that rainbow effect– they are pressed wood. Most of the time I’m sure they don’t splinter, but for the finer needles, the pressed wood must have more of a chance to come unpressed, or whatever. I still love the Harmony ones for their look and their weight, but since I have to order them online and since this little drawback has arisen… I’m back to Clover needles, at least for smaller sizes. I do mix the Clovers up, though!

Then I remembered hankering after some cute needles at some online boutique– they had the most absolutely cutest tops. Red, with white spots, like toadstools. They were also ridiculously expensive.

So I pecked about online and found this! Next time I go to the craft store, I’m attacking the polymer clay section. How fun! And I’m thinking maybe I could use buttons, too. If I found the right button, I could glue it to the needletop, or maybe glue it onto a polymer base first. I’m not sure, but it’ll solve my problem of matching up the Clovers, and I’ll have either cuter or goofier needles. Let’s face it. I’m not a pro, and these could turn out very goofy, indeed.

Oh, and I also found this. While I don’t want to plop down cash for these customized babies, the list does give me ideas about how I could possibly do this on my own. And that’s kind of the point of crafting, isn’t it?


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