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a different kind of string theory

What is it with me and not following a schedule? In my classes, I can follow a schedule for a solid month before assignments veer off course. I mean, I still do what I’m supposed to do, just not exactly when I’m supposed to do it. A Composition Theory class I took forever ago would have called that reflective teaching. After all, I do go off course because I recognize that something needs to be lingered over, or it takes longer than I thought to have a discussion about a reading. Actually, I don’t give myself too much grief about not rigorously adhering to a class schedule that I’ve devised myself. However, I’m seeing an overall pattern, and that’s what concerns me just a tad. More than a tad.

So, I’m doing this loop-through scarf (necker! bwa-ha.) and halfway through I started to wonder how this pattern would fare in other yarns, or with alterations. I remembered a bunch of yarn I got at Tuesday Morning a year or so ago, that I’ve been putting off using because 1) it’s lovely, 2) there’s only a ball or two of each color, and 3) I don’t want to waste the lovely yarn on something stupid, because I do love it so much.

Side note: Tuesday Morning can be a surprisingly good place to buy yarn. Who would’ve thought it? It’s a total crap shoot, though. Sometimes, nothing. Sometimes there’s a bunch of yarn that looks like Christmas colored vomit. And sometimes there’s awesome 100% wool in beautiful colors, originally $7.99 a pop, but now $2.99– but only a ball or two of each color. I’m still regretting not getting some recycled Indian silk yarn made from recycled saris or something.

Anyway, so I got out some of my stash yarn and set aside my #4’s. The stash yarn took a #8 needle, so it knit up superfast.

Persimmon is one of my favorite colors.

It starts with garter then goes stockinette for a while, then divides into two garter panels, then rejoins as stockinette, then garter to finish. Superdupereasy. I messed up only in that I used garter stitch for only two rows on one side, and four rows on the other. I’m not sure which side I like better. Probably the side with four rows… I still don’t know. Either way, I’m very happy to have found a way to use my random balls of nice wool! I wore it to school today, and it was very warm. Our room didn’t have heat this morning, and I was able to wear the necker while I taught– a regular scarf would have got in the way.

Now I’m veering even further off course, and am starting another one in another coveted stash yarn. This is some Lamb’s Pride from, like five years ago, so it’s a little kinked up. I’m hoping that if I block it, the stitches won’t look as twisty as they do now.

Lamb's Pride in Limeade

I’m doing some kind of alternating rib. I’m sure there’s a name for it, but I don’t know what it is. I do k1, p1 for four rows, then alternate for the next four rows. I’m also going for a straighter look, and not the slightly gathered look of the Persimmon one (or the original one, for that matter).

I have to put this all on hold today, though. I’ve got a 5h1tl0ad of essays to grade before tomorrow. Plus, this green meanie’s currently being knit on metal needles (METAL! Why?!) as they’re my only #7’s. When I knit with them, I feel like I’m chewing tin foil– plus, the yarn slides all over the place. I’m a bit of a loose knitter. I’m using a trip to Jo-Ann’s (for wooden #7’s) as my incentive to finish grading. While I’m there, I’ll probably get some Stitch N’ Bitch yarn and a bunch of buttons, too.


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