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a different kind of string theory

Actually, I’m not sure why I keep calling it a necker. The pattern calls it a loop-through scarf. I think I just like saying necker. Neckernecker. I could make a naughty necker.

It has just occurred to me that I might have a fever. I’ll stop.

The gist of this post is that I wanted to show my progress- on DPNs, no less!

Full frontal

The skinnier bit is where the DPN action happened. All 32 stitches get divided up onto the two DPNs, 16 each, and now I’ve rejoined all 32 stitches together. And here’s a shot from the side, so you can see where the scarf loops through:

My webcam doesn’t do the color of the yarn justice. It’s called Sapphire Heather, but it looks like a deep, rather muted Aegean blue in person.

As I’m doing this, I can see variations on this pattern-theme. What if I used two yarns together, different colors, then divided each color onto the DPNs? That would look mod, maybe. Or I could make the tips, that now look like spades, more square, and add a button or something. Or I could use thicker yarn and it would knit up superfast– though not too thick, or it might look like the scarf was a cat trying to strangle me. Bulbous shapes should not be wrapped around ones neck.

There’s that possible fever again. Over and out.


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