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a different kind of string theory

I am having issues with knitting boobs for charity. I’m wracked with guilt, because the first recipient was supposed to be my own (dear) mom!

First, I tried the double pointed needle (DPN) technique from this pattern. Granted, I’ve never worked with DPNs before, but I was flummoxed. Absolutely flummoxed. I did the i-cord– and boy, was I happy to have done that! It’s used in all kinds of other patterns, and I’d never tried it before (and as it turns out, it is sublimely easy to do). As a result, my confidence level was up. Yay! So I went on to the next step and dug out my DPNs.

It is a good thing I tried this after my daughter had gone to sleep, because I cussed like a sailor. I knitted, frogged, and reknitted four times in a row, and then I had to walk away from the DPNs. I considered cracking them or throwing them– but I didn’t. I just walked away.

A few days later I saw Robyn, and she’s done some socks with DPNs, so I asked her how the hell she knew which needle to do first, second, and third. See, the problem for me was that I was dealing with only six stitches, divided onto three needles– so, two stitches per needle. With the stitches so close together, I couldn’t tell which needle was which, plus they were all trying to fall off. I’m getting frustrated just reliving the moment!

Robyn said that with socks there are more stitches on each needle, so the whole two stitches per needle dilemma never really cropped up for her. She did say that I should try color coding the needles, though. I’d used a marker, but I still got confused between the other two. Gosh, I feel like such a twit! Once I cool off a bit, I’ll try knitting the elusive boob again.

A day later, I tried crocheting the boobs. I used this pattern. It looks easy enough– but I used too thick of a yarn, and it looks like a SAK purse– which is fine for a purse, but not for a boob! After a mastectomy, there’s a scar which is tender for a good while. Plus, if the patient is going through radiation after surgery (as my mom is), then not only is there a scar, but an area similar to a sunburn, too. Crochet, at least in the yarn I chose (supersoft, but just too thick), is too bumpy for what is such a sensitive area.

I decided to shelve the boobs– but only temporarily. I’ve got a plan.

The necker uses DPNs, but in a much simpler capacity. You knit for a while on straights, then divvy up the stitches onto two DPNs, knit on those for a while, then join them up together on one needle again. I thought if I could practice on DPNs with this pattern, then maybe I’ll develop some mad DPN skillz (sorry : /) and be able to use them with a more practiced hand on the boobs. So far, so good!

Of course, I haven’t actually divvied up the stitches onto the DPNs yet…

One last knit-related thing– Did you know that Knit Picks has a mail-based catalog? Mine came in the mail yesterday, and I squealed just like I did when I found out Simon Pegg was going to be in the Star Trek movie. There’s tons of knitted amigurumi in there, and some socks (and while some of them are cute, why would you want to take forever knitting something that’s going to develop a hole in the heel? Or get lost in the dryer?). Here’s a taste:

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

And you can get that here, like I am seriously thinking of doing, if I can figure out those @#?!-ing DPNs.


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