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a different kind of string theory

Bwa-ha! I saw these at Borders and they Cracked. Me. Up.

I’ve no desire to infringe upon any copyrights– let me state that up front. I’m new to the whole bloggy thing, but I do have to share this supercute, superfree amigurumi pattern for a heart. While you’re at it, check out the rest of her page. Cuteness. Extreme cuteness.

It’ll be my maiden amigurumi voyage– how appropriate! I think it’d be really cute to embroider some Necco heart sayings on them, too. Well, the old school ones, anyway. Have you seen this article about how they’ve changed the recipe and the sayings? They got rid of banana and wintergreen– and those were my favorites, of course, because apparently I’m outdated. Boo.

Sidenote: My mom is so anticipating her knitted boob that she has decided she wants a scarf as well. I don’t think she realizes there’s a necker on my agenda. Hm. I’ll have to get more #4 needles– because all these damned things are for #4’s! What’s up with that?



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