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a different kind of string theory

I was perusing Knitty the other day, and I found a sweater I’d like to knit.

Like most beginning to moderate knitters (I prefer to think of myself as an Andante Knitter) I have a few failed projects under my belt. Usually, I never say die– but there was that one sweater… It just had to go. I frogged what I could, and then threw away the rest. The salvaged yarn I used in a massive crocheted blanket that my husband aptly named The Aircraft Carrier Cozy. I swore off sweaters.

Until now.

Here’s what I found at Knitty:

Doesn’t it look doable? Debbie Stoller from Stitch N’ Bitch fame (and Bust!) has a new line of yarn at JoAnn’s Fabrics, and I’d really like to try it. I think it takes #9 needles, just like the pattern, too. Yes, it does, and here it is:

Perhaps this means that the yarn-planets have aligned, and it’s time for me to try another sweater? I think so. And if I really need to rationalize going shopping, I can also bring up the fact that one of my favorite sweaters has buttons that insist on falling off, and I need new buttons for it. So, you see, now I HAVE to go get the yarn. Oh– and I also have to get #4 double-pointeds for the necker-thingee! Yep, this sweater project is unavoidable now.


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