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a different kind of string theory

Okay, this is supposed to be Mock Brioche Rib. It’s a supersimple stitch.

Row 1: *K3, p1*; repeat from * to *, ending with k2

Row 2: P1, *k3, p1*; repeat from * to *, ending with k1

Or, it would be simple, if I could remember which row I was on. It’s almost too simple for me to keep straight, and it’s mocking me. It’s downright laughing at me! And poor Luke, because this scarf is for him. I refuse to frog it, though, and I am just going to keep on trucking.

It’s in Fisherman’s Wool– because did you know Luke is a “man of the sea?” This is what happens when you watch too much Deadliest Catch! But really, it’s  a nice yarn, and was pretty inexpensive. I threw away the label, but I think it’s Lion Brand or something like that– it only comes in Natural, Tweed, and Black (or was it Navy?) and the label advertised that it had natural lanolin still in the yarn, to make it rain-resistant or something.

Even though the Mock Brioche Rib is outwitting me, it’s a lofty stitch and warmer than your usual rib, which is pretty flat and shrinks up once it’s a few inches off the needles. This is a rib that doesn’t do that.

Do you have a project or a stitch that’s getting the better of you? Fess up!


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