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a different kind of string theory

If you Google “necker,”  you’re going to come up with some weird results. At the last physical Knit Night, Robyn looked it up– we couldn’t find what we were looking for. Alana confirmed the existence of the thing. The hunt was on.

I knew I’d seen one I liked, even if I wasn’t sure what it was called. The last two times Michelle’s been at my house, she has worn a cute little garter knit scarf that looks like it is permanently knotted. Finally, I just messaged her on Facebook, and she sent me this:

by Judith Durant

The little necker’s in there! So I promptly ordered the book (and some yarn, and some totally unnecessary needles). Knitpicks had the best price, at $11, and they’ll even suggest the right yarn for the project. To make the necker thingee, you need #4 needles, and two double-pointed #4’s, as well. And of course one skein of sock yarn.

I have no double-pointed needles, so a quick trip to Joann’s Fabrics is in order. But I did get some cute yarn here:

I got Granny Smith and Sapphire Heather. If you know me, you know the green is de rigueur, and the blue is more of a departure. Joann’s Fabrics has some great sock yarn, too– both the store brand and Red Heart (there’s a shocker! I usually don’t care for Red Heart) have some really pretty color combos and fiber blends for exactly the same price as Knitpicks. I just wanted to test out the site’s yarn, since I already have some of the rainbow-colored, wooden Harmony needles, and I adore them. The yarn doesn’t disappoint! The colors are totally gorgeous.

Once I get those #4 double-pointed needles of happiness, I’m going to start on the necker. After all, it’s only going to be necker weather for so long here in Fresno!

Does anybody want to join me? I wouldn’t be above sharing my pattern– but really, the book has a lot of great patterns in it. It’s a worthy purchase, in a world of craptastic pattern books. Seriously, have you checked out the bulk of pattern books? The patterns are either undoable, or in the I-would-only-knit-this-to-give-it-to-my-sworn-enemy realm.

Who doesn’t have the odd skein hanging around the stash box? Usually I use up my stash yarn on blankets, since it doesn’t matter if it matches. But now I’ve got options! I’ve digressed.

Does anybody else want to make a necker?



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