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a different kind of string theory

I knit like I read. I have a book or two, in the progress of being read, in each room of the house. Each room has its own kind of book– short things for the bathroom, like the New Yorker (okay, a periodical, I know) or short stories. Iso’s room usually has  something light that I can look up from often and not need to think too hard to find my place. By my own bed, I have mysteries or myths. The living room is where I keep my heavy reading.

And so I knit similarly. I’ve got a blanket going in Iso’s room, because it’s easy and I can come back to it and drop it, and I don’t have to remember which stitch I did last. In my own room, I have a scarf that I work on before grading, to calm me down and sort my thoughts before tackling student essays. In the living room I have the heavy knitting– patterns that I have to decipher, or projects requiring new skills, or frogging and refrogging.

So, how about you? Are you a one-project-at-a-time kind of girl, or what?


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